3-Day Refresh




Happy Monday folks! I  hope you all had an enjoyable Father’s Day weekend! Because it was likely a weekend of cookouts and fun, with lots of yummy food that probably isn’t exactly all that good for you, I thought now would be a good time to share the results of the 3-Day Refresh I completed last week!

As some of you may or may not know, I had my appendix out in early April, and that prevented me from working out for a good 6 weeks. During that time I tried to maintain the best eating that I could but found that it was a lot harder to do when not exercising so eventually I ended up going from my lowest weight in 3 years back up to a not so great weight. Once I began working out things started to level off again but I was feeling like I needed a jumpstart!

The 3-Day Refresh is a cleanse but it is also something you can eat with. It is NOT one of those that has you (pardon TMI) running to the bathroom!  the full system consists of the following::

1. Wake-up: Drink 8-12 ounces of water

2. Breakfast (within an hour of waking): Shakeology plus a Fruit Option

3. Mid Morining: Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink)

4. Lunch: Vanilla Fresh: (high-protein, hunger-satisfying shake) plus options from the Fruit, Vegetable, and Healthy Fats lists

5. Afternoon Snack: From the Fruit, Vegetable, or Juice Options lists

6. Dinner: Vanilla Fresh: plus a delicious meal made from our Dinner Recipes lists


Breakfast was easy because that is what I have for breakfast everyday! That felt like a bonus!

The Mid-Morning Fiber Sweep was the part that I was most hesitant about but it turned out not to be bad at all! The drink itself has a lemony flavor to it and you just have to be sure to drink it immediately after mixing it so that it doesn’t congeal the way most fiber drinks tend to do.

Because I am a creature of habit my lunch and afternoon snack were the same all three days. I would have hummus and carrots, along with strawberries to go along with my Vanilla Fresh shake at lunch and follow-up with celery and almond butter as a snack.


IMG_5079Vanilla Fresh Shake


Fruit, veggie, and health fat to go with lunch. I know, I know, my carrots are really sad looking 😦

The toughest part for me was dinner. This was mostly due to the fact that my family  was  eating other things for dinner and I was often watching them eat while cooking my vegetables for the evening. With that said, I REALLY enjoyed the dinner options and will incorporate them into my meal plans moving forward.  I made the following for dinners:



Dinner 1: Coconut Steamed Veggies



Dinner 2: Cucumber and Tomato Salad



Dinner 3: Kale With Pine Nuts


I also opted for a cup of organic chicken broth to go along with my dinner each evening. It was a pleasant surprise to realize how much I enjoyed that!




In addition you can add in morning, mid-afternoon, and evening uncaffeinated tea. I had evening tea each night as it replaced that urged to go for one last snack or a glass of wine!

When the 3 days were over I stepped on the scale and was glad to have stuck with it. I lost 5 lbs! That may not seem like a lot to  many people but for me it is HUGE! It was nice to see those results all while knowing I gave my metabolism the rest it needed to start working hard for me again! We all need a rest from time to time, our muscles need rest, so why not our metabolism?


I’m thinking about making this a monthly or every other month routine for me. If you have more questions about how the 3-Day Refresh works or want to join me next time, please  comment below or feel free to send me an  email,  I’m happy to go on that journey with you!


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