Friday Favorite #4

Hello and Happy Friday!!! By this time next week I will have turned another year older (sigh) so today I’m going to make this post about my birthday wish list. Micah and I are trying to live by Dave Ramsey’s advice to get out of debt, most of which is student loan, so we won’t be spending any money on gifts for each other this year …BUT if I were to get anything for my birthday these items would be on my wish list.

#1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor 



I have been eyeing this for…ohhhh…probably a year or so and have dragged my feet on the purchase. Well now that I am doing so many different types of exercise I know this would be perfect and it is at the very top of my wish list!  To use the Polar Heart Rate Monitor you wear a heart rate monitor band around your chest and it calculates your heart rate and calories burned. I think it would be amazing to see what different workouts accomplish. I’m willing to bet I would be surprised.

#2 Running Shoes

Last year I decided I wanted to become a wannabe runner and completed a few 5K’s and began running around 4 miles a few times per week. This year I have decided to tackle a 10K. I know that is small potatoes for a lot of people but it is a HUGE goal for me and something I never dreamed I would ever even think about. I’m the girl who couldn’t even run a quarter mile a couple years ago, seriously! Now that I’m thinking I’m big time, it’s also time for some big time shoes. I’ve heard great things about Brooks running shoes and am very interested to see if they are a good fit for me. My mom asked me what she could get me for my birthday and my immediate response was a gift certificate to Runners Alley where they actually fit you for shoes.  I’m hoping to get the best shoes for my body type….and probably buy two pair!

#3 Birchbox subscription

One of my guilty pleasures is when packages arrive at my doorstep. I get giddy with excitement to see what I received, and half the time it’s just food I order on Amazon! But the truth is I love to shop and as a busy mom I hardly get out to the stores anymore, never mind to look for leisurely items like beauty products! What better fun than to have random beauty samples sent to your doorstep every month with Birchbox ??? Yes, please!


#4 Lululemon Wunder Under Crop II

I’m in BIG time need of new workout attire but especially some crop pants. I have a few Lululemon items but no crops and I hear nothing but rave reviews of the Wunder Under Crop II and would love to own a pair and see what all the hype is about.



 #5 Pixie pants from Old Navy

I’ve lost a good pant size, maybe even two, so all of my clothes are a little baggy. Thankfully I saved some nice full length work pants and can fit into those now but won’t have much for Spring. I love these pants and want them in every color!



What’s an item on your wish list?!

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