Tasty Tuesday


Hi Everyone! I thought I would drop in and share a yummy and easy recipe with all of you today. We had this for dinner last night and it’s honestly SO easy! I love a a good crock-pot recipe and this has been a favorite in my house through Winter. I will admit my husband put this together yesterday and so we only have one picture but it’s too good now to share!





  • 2-4 boneless, skinless, chicken breast
  • 4-6 red potatoes (wash and cut into 2 inch pieces)
  • 1 bag of baby carrots (or a different veggie of your choice, we sometimes use green beans instead)
  • 16 ounce bottle of Italian Dressing ( I like to use Drew’s)
  • Tsp olive oil
  • Italian seasoning
  • Optional – parmesan cheese


  1. Use olive oil to grease crock-pot.
  2. Pour a quarter of the Italian dressing on the bottom of the crock-pot.
  3. Place carrots in the crock-pot.
  4. Place potatoes on top of carrots.
  5. Pour half the jar of Italian dressing on top of potatoes and carrots.
  6. Sprinkle in a dash of Italian seasoning and a little parmesan cheese (if using).
  7. Place chicken on top of veggies and potatoes.
  8. Pour remaining Italian dressing on top of the chicken.
  9. Top with sprinkle of Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese (if using).
  10. Cook on low 6-8 hours.


Share your favorite crock-pot recipe in the comments below!

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