Acts of Kindness


Has someone ever done something kind for you for no reason? How good does that make you feel?!  When I saw this post  on Instagram it made me think of how doing one kind thing for someone can change their day, and yours! I try to be kind every day, but like anyone, have some bad days of my own where I could use some kindness. The items on this list are simple and doable for everyone:


Acts of Kindness                                                                                  Source

A few things I always do are, give up my seat, hold the door, and give compliments. I always hear of people pay for the next person in line at Dunkin Donuts, and while it’s never happened to me, I have done that for the person behind me hoping it will create a ripple effect throughout the day or at least brighten someone else’s day.  Today I challenge you to act kindly! Happy Wednesday!

Questions of the day:

Has anyone ever done something kind for you that has made your day?

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