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Friday Favorite #2

Please ignore the glitch above…I am playing around trying to get this to show up on Bloglovin and this happened! Growing pains I guess 😉


When I arrived home Wednesday there was a delivery from The Honest Company on my doorstep.  If you haven’t heard about The Honest Company yet, let me tell you about it 🙂  It was founded by someone you may be familiar with, mom, actress and businesswoman; Jessica Alba in partnership with a dad, author, and businessman; Christopher Gavigan. Together Jessica and Christopher began a company focused on eco-friendly, non-toxic diapers and baby products and have continued to increase their product offerings into bath and body products and more.



My Wednesday order: 3 bathroom cleaner, 3 dish soap, 3 multi-surface cleaner, 3 Mandarin scented hand soap

The Honest Company began with diapers, wipes, healing balm, lotion, shampoo and body wash, and hand soap. Today they have over 100 products! When I first heard about the company I was impressed that they offered a free trial of their products before I made a full purchase and all I had to do was pay shipping and handling. The items are good quality, affordable, and adorable!  Because I am now out of the baby phase (I’m not sure if I feel like sighing or jumping for joy with that), I  primarily use the cleaning, and bath and body  products and love them!  My girls are big fans of the kid’s toothpaste.


IMG_2982See I told you my girls love it, look how sad she is because that toothpaste is almost gone!


If you are interested in trying a few different products from The Honest Company you have the option to purchase a bundle  in which you can pick 5 items to be shipped to you monthly  at a discounted price. You can change the products from month to month and it’s a great way to try different products. Some items are now sold in store at Target as well!!  I could go on and on about how much I admire this company and their products but today I’ll leave you with a picture I love from their Instagram account, and if you haven’t followed them yet, you should! They release new product details on Instagram and have some really funny quotes that we can all relate to such as this:




Happy Friday!


Have you tried any Honest Company Products?

What is a favorite thing of yours this week? Please comment below!

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