Mudderella Boston Recap


I recently completed Mudderella Boston in Westbook, Maine with 3 amazing ladies as teammates. Mudderella is a 5 mile run and obstacle course with heaps of mud involved (hence the name, Mudderella) geared toward women and, if invited, men can join a ladies team. The mission of Mudderella is for women to “own your strong” and supports Futures Without Violence , an organization to end violence against women and children.

Before starting the course, participants join a Mudderella trainer for a warm up, stretching, and motivation to own the course! The course was slow going at first and as teams became  spaced out we were able to jog or walk a little more freely. Our team couldn’t wait to get to the first obstacle! The first obstacle turned out to be a piggyback, so my friend, and teammate, Brie, hopped on my back and away we went = success!

mudderella 1

Photo courtesy of Mudderella

After the piggyback obstacle we had more running ahead of us and found ourselves passing the 1 mile marker still wondering where the mud was? We soon found out! Shortly after wondering where the mud was we came to our next obstacle called “skinny jeans” in which you had to slide down a tube, face first, into a pool of mud! After that obstacle it was all mud everywhere! Other obstacles included crawling under a net through the mud (which smelled a lot more like manure! ), wading through pools of mud, climbing ropes and walls, and balancing on swinging tires. You can check out Mudderella’s obstacle list here for more information on all the obstacles Mudderella puts together.

Without a doubt our favorite obstacle was “Hat Trick”. For this obstacle we climbed up a cargo net, then slid down a huge water slide into a pool of water. The weather was about 85 and humid the day of the event and this was the only obstacle with clean water, making it the most refreshing part of the course, not to mention a ton of fun!  I gladly would have done that obstacle more than once!

                                                                                        Mudderella 6                            Mudderella 4

Karie, Me, Kelly, and Brie before and after the Hat Trick obstacle (Photos courtesy of Kari’s husband Scott)

The course was 5 miles and 13 obstacles and our team finished in 1 hour and 30 minutes. We laughed, sweat, supported each other, and got very muddy along the way! It was a wonderful day to push ourselves to do something we had never done before, and was all in support of a great cause. I would encourage anyone interested in participating in a Mudderella event to do so!

After the event we celebrated with a Strongbow Apple Cider and a refreshing rinse to remove the mud, although I’m pretty sure I’m still cleaning mud out of my ears 🙂

                                                                                                 Mud Hair

           My new hair color!

Mud Foot

Mudderella also accepts donated muddy shoes after the race to clean up and  donate to those in need. It is safe to say that my shoes were donated, I didn’t want to clean them and was more than happy to know they will go to someone who needs them.

Mudderella 5

Team Don’t Stop Get It Get It ( Brie, Kelly, Me, and Kari)

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